The Kevin Spacey Conundrum

Saturday, November 04, 2017

The Kevin Spacey Conundrum

When it rains, it pours, and the diluge that began with mega-movie mogul Harvey Weinstein and continued with the powerful and famous as disparate as director Bret Ratner, Hollywood hyphenate James Toback and even George Herbert Walker Bush, has now swamped two-time Academy Award-winning actor Kevin Spacey.

Ye Gawds and little (and huge) indiscretions, will it never end?

Probably not!

(Not with well-known names surfacing on an almost daily basis now.)

I was somewhat relieved when the news first broke about Spacey...

Actor Anthony Rapp: Kevin Spacey Made A Sexual Advance Toward Me When I Was 14

...due to the fact that I was involved in one of the actor's early movies that was filmed here in 1987, "Rocket Gibraltar."

"The word" around the Beach Lane movie set was that Spacey, one of the bright young talents that went on to greater celebrity (just check the cast list!), was gay, yet the whole time I was around him, he was carrying on quite openly with a young female member of the production crew who, far from being a "beard," was quite taken with the 28-year-old actor and he enthusiastically appeared to reciprocate.

It retrospect, it seems that Spacey was merely manifesting the thespian skills that would garner him such acclaim a decade later and thereafter.

Another Spacey character issue...

The finale of "Rocket Gibraltar" involved the family patriarch, played by Burt Lancaster, being given a Viking's funeral by his grandchildren, led by a debuting Macaulay Culkin.

Upon conclusion of the filming here, Spacey decamped for Vancouver to shoot a key role in the first season of the excellent CBS series, "Wiseguy," the Mel Profitt arc.

When Spacey's "Profitt" character dies, he is... wait for it... given a Viking's funeral.

That particular episode aired in February 1988, more than five months before "Rocket Gibraltar" opened, so to any who thought "Hmmmmn," know the truth 'cause I don't believe in that sort of coincidence.

I lost some respect for Kevin Spacey then; now I've lost some more.


1. Fjmarkowitz said...

Can't seem to find a copy of "Rocket Gibraltar" anywhere. Any ideas?

The DVD on Amazon is a ridiculous $54.95, but a site called Zeus has the DVD for $9.99.
– Dean

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