Definitely time for a new District Attorney

Thursday, November 02, 2017

Definitely time for a new District Attorney

Never mind the convoluted "Suffolk County DA Thomas Spota Indicted In 2012 Police Brutality Cover-up" story that finally led to the sudden end of a 16-year career as the county's top prosecutor, here's something a bit more straight forward and much closer to home.

Demitri Hampton Murder Case Co-Defendants Sentenced To Prison

"Murder" eh? Should be stiff sentences, yes? Not so fast!

"Ms. Hall was sentenced to serve a maximum of three years in prison along with three years of probation. Mr. Parrish was sentenced to up to five years of prison time and Mr. Wallace was sentenced to up to eight years. Both men were also sentenced to up to five years of probation."

Wow! Homicide during the commission of a felony is First Degree Murder and in most states makes the convicted defendent eligible for the Death Penalty.

So, what happened here?

"They were allowed to plead to the lesser charges after the District Attorney's office bungled the case by not turning over scores of evidence to defense attorneys."

There ya go!

Spota, his anti-corruption bureau chief Chris McPartland and now Assistant District Attorney Glenn Kurtzrock, whose failure to turn over evidence resulted in the mistrial and subsequent reduced charges, are out.

There will be a new District Attorney in January... hope­fully it'll be Ray Perini, and hopefully he'll clean house in Hauppauge and Riverside!


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