O my! Why are we not surprised?

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

O my! Why are we not surprised?

After months of whispers and speculation, the other shoe dropped for four term Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota and his anti-corruption bureau chief, Christopher McPartland.

Suffolk County DA Thomas Spota Indicted In 2012 Police Brutality Cover-up

The two men surrendered this afternoon after being named in indictments on numerous felony charges including ob­struction of a federal civil rights investigation and wit­ness tampering.

According to the indictments, Spota, McPartland, then Suffolk County Police Chief James Burke and other police had numerous meetings and telephone conversations discussing the assault of a "John Doe" and how to conceal Burke's role in the assault.

Acting United States attorney in Brooklyn, Bridget M. Rohde issued a statement, reading in part:

"Prosecutors swear oaths to pursue justice and enforce the law. Instead of upholding their oaths, these defendants allegedly abused the power of the Suffolk County District Attorney's office. The strength of the evidence in this case is overwhelming."

Spota and McPartland are charged with pressuring several witnesses to lie to federal agents, giving false testimony under oath, and withholding information from Grand Jurors hearing evidence about the beating of a handcuffed man in police custody.

That separate case resulted in the conviction and incarcer­ation of former Chief Burke last year.

In the mid-'70s when he was a Detective Investigator for DA Harry O'Brien, Spota was a regular at The Artful Dodger following pick-up basketball games at the old Six Corners Grade School.

Not for nuthin', it should also be mentioned that both Spota and McPartland tanked in the notorious missing Village Police Department handgun investigation of 2008.


1. Coach K said...

...How 'bout the fact that these ADA's were getting bonuses? What's up with that?

Um, "these ADA's?" Just which ADAs?

You seem to be referring to DA Tom Spota's disbursement of Asset Forteiture Funds, per an unidentified source in the linked "Newsday" report.

I don't know what the rules are for such disbursements and, you should note, neither does Newsday. (But it gave them a nice juicy story, didn't it?)

Last time I got together with Spota was about ten years ago when we met with then Police Chief Ray Dean in the Six Corners School parking lot where the District Attorney presented the Chief with the keys to a brand new high-line pick-up truck, purchased with Asset Forteiture Funds. It was my understanding then, as now, that that's how such monies were to be utilized.

Awarding chunks of those funds to ADAs gives the appearance that the ADAs could be "bounty hunters," pursuing the most potentially remunerative investigations. (cf: Caesar's wife.)

Wouldn't it be interesting if a Court determines that the ADAs had to repay those monies to the County!
– Dean

2. WR Moore said...

The incumbent Attorney General of Virginia has been accused of the same type of revenue sharing. Along with some other interesting practices. Hopefully, he'll be looking for a real job after next week.

Mark Herring seems to be in a tight campaign for re-election, so you may get your wish.

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