Soooo, where's everyone been...

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Soooo, where's everyone been...

...all these decades while a priapic Harvey Weinstein ran amok in Hollywood, New York City and Paris sexually assaulting, mollesting and being otherwise inappropriate with dozens of females, primarily star-struck young ingénues looking for a leg up in show business?

(Standby for an updated number on his victims... the inexact figure appreciates daily!)

Actresses and starlets-who-want-to-be-actresses are coming out of, not the woodwork, but their attorneys' offices to tell their stories of sexual misconduct, gropings and lewdness to anyone with a forum, on-line or on-screen or just good ol'-fashioned newsprint.

I particularly like this one...

Gloria Allred and Weinstein accuser Louisette Geiss

...never mind the "sweet young thing" with the story; that's Gloria Allred who holds more press conferences than Chuck Schumer [d, ny]! She seems to have a private jet on call any time there's a female victim in the offing.

There's a great irony here... the attorney who initially led the charge against the allegations of Weinstein's depreda­tions is Ms. Allred's daughter Lisa Bloom, who told The New York Times:

"Mr. Weinstein denies many of the accusations as patently false."

Two days later, on October 7, Ms. Bloom dumped Wein­stein as a client, announcing to the Twitter-verse:

"I have resigned as an advisor to Harvey Weinstein."

But here's the truly puzzling part, especially with the frequent refrain, "We had no idea that Harvey was en­gaging in any such behavior."


Then explain how "Harvey's behavior" was so well-known that NBC's "30 Rock" routinely made jokes about it!

That's from 2012... there were several others.

So, why are people now feigning extreme shock?


1. WR Moore said...

I'm not up on what the trigger words are that cause people to become, uh, uncomfortable. That said, might it be time to rethink the "leg up" term?

Note that "leg" was used in the singular, not the plural. Honi soit qui mal y pense.

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