Honest if not particularly politic

Friday, October 13, 2017

Honest if not particularly politic

When I first learned of what Congressman Brendan Boyle (D, PA) had tweeted after the United States Men's Soccer Team had suffered a humiliating loss at the feet of tiny Trinidad and Tobago, one which kept the USA men's team from qualifying for the World Cup...:

"I was really disappointed they didn't qualify for the World Cup. Then I remembered I couldn't care less about soccer."

...I thought, "What a dick, and a gratuitous one!"

While I have never been part of the Twitter-verse, the reaction of those denizens pretty much mirrored my own.

After the uniformly negative responses started flooding the ether, Boyle shortly doubled down with another troll:

"Had no idea soccer fans were such snowflakes. Guys, do yourselves a favor. Watch the baseball playoffs. You're welcome."

The rest is a matter of minor history, but it must be noted that the cyber-gloves came off.

I'd never heard of the 40-year old second term Represent­ative of Pennsylvania's 13th District before, but it's lucky for him that he's not standing for re-election next month... gotta be a lotta Soccer Moms is Eastern Montgomery County and Northeast Philadelphia.


1. Frank Wheeler said...

I heard about this from Bob Ley's "Outside The Lines" on ESPN yesterday afternoon. To his credit, he wouldn't even identify this ass-clown by name, saying Google it.

I dunno... perhaps the Congressman is a Tweeting Tippler. It was a gratuitous comment.
– Dean

2. Roy Daleo said...

And probably the best U.S. player right now hails from Hershey, PA! Not a smart move.

It wasn't a smart move on any count, Roy, but I must point out that Hershey's a bit outside the Representative's District.

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