Think I'll pass

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Think I'll pass

Received this notice of an "Acquisition Opportunity" from a long-time OtBB Secret Field Operative Brian J. McCarthy.

(Necessarily a pseudonym for his protection.)

Clearly, Hilco Streambank of Dedham, Massachusetts, which is soliciting bids for the Great Atlantic Tea Com­pany's intellectual property, hasn't clue the first about how horrendously the A&P corporate clowns in Hillsdale, New Jersey degraded and devalued the names "A&P" and "Waldbaum's" over the past several years, and in what abysmal regard they are held by their former customers.

JAY-sus, Hilco's hoping to sell the bankrupted cor­por­ation's Internet domain names as well as some patently bogus marketing slogans!

(The only one close to accurate is "the best value in the neighborhood®," and that's by dint of the fact that it was the only one in the Western Hamptons for far too long!)

Before accepting this undertaking, Hilco should have done a brief telephone survey in the 288, 998, 325 and 653 ex­changes to get a sense of the low esteem anything to do with A&P/Waldbaum's is held.

Yeah, that's a definite pass!


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