Yeah, it's a <i>NY Post</i> sports columnist...

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Yeah, it's a NY Post sports columnist... whatever Mike Vaccaro writes about the New York Jets, no matter how fatuous, is just his opinion.

Todd Bowles looks like the clueless coach of an 0-16 team

"We’ll start by paraphrasing the late Dennis Green: The Jets are what we thought they were."

Okay, that was penned on September 10th, the morning following Gang Green's season opening loss to the Buffalo Bills, 21-12.

Sheeesh! One would have thought the Jets'd lost 48-3.

While they did get blown out 45-20 the following week in Oakland, they haven't lost since then, winning three (3!) straight games!

(I haven't the stomach to look into what Vaccaro has opined about the winless New York Giants.)

The Jets 3-2 five-game record does not a winning season make, but it's damned good for a team that the pundits (i.e., sports writers) roundly expressed their opinions that would "tank" its way to a winless (0-16) season in return for a number one pick in next year's college draft.

Hey, Mike... about your opinions? You'd better hope that the Post has a position open for you in their Subscriptions Department.


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