I'm not big on...

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

I'm not big on...

Los Angeles Dodgers logo

...edge of the seat nail-biting finishes in sporting events involving teams for which I root: the Lions and Red Wings of Detroit, and of course, the Los Angeles Dodgers!

(Purposefully omitted from that short list is the nearby NBA team for which I've had to shelve my rooting interest for as long as it remains under the present ownership.)

So I'm delighted that the Dodgers... my Dodgers... swept their National League best of five Division Series against the Arizona Diamondbacks, three-zip.

Still, it was extremely tense with the Dodgers holding a 3-1 lead over the last three innings, against a team that had already hit seven home runs in the series, and beaten Los Angeles in 11 of their 19 regular season meetings.

But the Dodgers late season acquisition, right-handed pitcher Yu Darvish, commanded the Diamondbacks for most of the game until he tired and manager Dave Roberts masterfully plugged in the right members of his relief corps to be able to turn the 9th inning over to his non-pareil closer, Kenley Jansen, and it was a (white-knuckle) game over!

The star of the Dodgers win, however, was their leading Rookie-of-the-Year candidate, first baseman Cody Bell­inger, driving in two of the runs with two hits (including his first home run of the post-season, and making several sterling plays, including engineering a critical 3-6-3 double play, and a headlong dive into Dodgers dugout to catch a foul ball!

Nota Bene: If Bellinger isn't voted the unanimous Rookie-of-the-Year, I want to subpoena the bank records of any baseball writer who didn't vote for him!

C'mon Dodgers! Eight more wins, please!


1. Jeanne Speir said...

I rejoice for you!

I rejoice for me... as well as for others Dodgers faithful!

But thank you.

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