Beware Barry Bernstein bearing gifts...

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Beware Barry Bernstein bearing gifts... yesterday's mitzvah probably led to today's yetzer hara as we see from a report in this week's Southampton Press Western Edition:

Main Street Park's Days Could Be Numbered In Westhampton Beach

A close reading of Kate Riga's story leads one to conclude that Barry Bernstein must think Westhampton Beach Village government is comprised of shmendriks.

(In all fairness, not too long ago it was.)

What the Village did was first board up and add some plantings an eyesore and an "Attractive Nuisance," and then cleaned it up and made the parcel at the corner of Library Avenue and Main Street an appealing little park.

Now that the two year contractual agreement between the Village and Bernstein just expired, guess who sees an op­portunity for extra rasbukniks, as he told the Village:

"I think it’s great the way it is and why not continue to enjoy it? But I need an incentive."

I must give credit to the Village Board who saw Bernstein coming and protected the municipality against taking any major hit on this arrangement.

Whatever Bernstein's ultimate plans are, the work per­formed by the municipality has greatly improved the parcel, particularly if he's looking to attract a buyer.


1. WR Moore said...

How about adjusting the appraised value of the property up to reflect the work the Village did?

Seems like decent incentive to me.

I don't think any adjustment needs to be made... the Village has a nicer-looking corner and Bernstein has an improved piece of property. If he sells it at a better prices than he would have when it was a constructively demised parcel. A new owner will improve it further, and then a re-assessment will occur.
– Dean

2. Dave Reilly said...

Of all of the public spaces in the Village, this one is the most useful, and likely gets the most use. Since we contribute a fair amount of money to the Community Preservation Fund by way of the 2% Transfer Tax, and if Mr. Bernstein is a willing seller, perhaps the Town will purchase the parcel in question for our collective benefit. Would certainly be better than Mr. Bernstein (or a potential successor) constructing another building to house yet another real estate office.

Bernstein has apparently already declined a CFP offer, and upon personal observation from two separate hearings with the man, he's difficult to even communicate with! We shall see what we shall see.a

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