Whither Quoguemire?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Whither Quoguemire?

A screenshot of the late, unlamented Quoguemire.com home page

Remember Quoguemire.com with its dark, foreboding home page with stock photos of a police officer handing a driver a traffic citation and a male having his hands 'cuffed behind him?

It's gone before its tenth month of operation, and more than two months before the domain name was due to expire July 16th.

OtBB spoke with Quoguemire's progenitor Barbara Williams by 'phone this morning and asked why she had pulled the plug on her Website "before its time."

"O, is it gone? I've been in Florida and haven't looked at it lately. My lawyer has been the Webmaster, so I'll have to ask him about it."

It may be recalled that Ms. Williams, described in the media as a "non-practicing attorney," had a one-vehicle accident in 2006, and didn't like the way she was treated by the inves­ti­ga­ting officers of the Quogue Village Police.

(At one point Ms. Williams temporarily reversed the direction of our interview and wanted to know if I had ever had a bad experience with "the local gestapo," apparently unaware that, by the terms of Godwin's Law, our discussion should have ended at that moment.)

Her response was to launch an open access Website, Quoguemire.com, with its intimidat­ing home page and a crude message-threading program which allowed anyone to comment about any ol' thing at all. 'Though its unstated "charter" was that content be 11959-related, since the posts were unmoderated, the "dis­cus­sions" tended to ramble a bit.

The dubious charges against her having been dropped, Ms. Williams' attorney may have made the assessment that Quoguemire had served its purpose, and taken the site down.

The lady promised to get back with an answer after she meets with her lawyer.


1. Matlynn Carville said...

HA!! Godwin's Law. Who knew? Thanks for the link to 'Net "et." (Etiquette--I promise never to invoke the word fascist again, and if someone else does, I will abort the conversation, and invoke Godwin. Much thanks.)

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