Another victory, of sorts...

Friday, September 15, 2017

Another victory, of sorts...

...and somewhere Gerry and Budd Schulberg are smiling to themselves as last week New York State's Department of Environmental Conservation announced the completion of a significantly revised draft management plan for mute swans.

That DEC has backed off its plan of 2014 to murder them in Cranberry Marsh and anywhere else they could be found on Long Island and in the Hudson Valley, is emblematic of the good fight well fought against a Government agency not always responsive to the public it is supposed to serve.

(cf: the juvenile female humpback whale who was ignored to death in Moriches Bay last December. Different agency, but same awful result!)

The Southampton Press reported on the reprieve for the downstate swans (Cygnus olor) earler this week...

State DEC Releases Third Draft Of Mute Swan Management Plan; Won't Cull Swans On Long Island

...and not only is chock-a-block with the information, but features some terrific photos of the waterfowl in action on the bay.

A careful reading of the DEC's most recent revised report, while a positive step for those who wish to keep the swans around, makes clear that the agency's scientists are agin'em, and will do what they can to reduce if not erad­i­cate the population they deem "invasive."


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