Phil Boyle must think we're all dummies

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Phil Boyle must think we're all dummies

Otherwise why would he be campaigning for Suffolk County Sheriff with a message like...

Campaign flyer

After eight years in the New York State Assembly and another five in the New York State Senate, one would think that if he sincerely wanted to "increase the penalties for heroin," he would have introduced legislation to that effect then, and not wait 'til he's running for Sheriff!

What he did do as a legislator, was vote for Governor Cuomo's NY SAFE Act, and when criticized by constituents adversely affected by the law (which had nothing to do with firearms safety), admitted that he hadn't even read the bill before voting it into law.

Nor, in the intervening years, has Boyle introduced legislation to remedy the portions which impose undue restrictions on lawful firearms owners... but then neither has our own Assemblyman Fred Thiele.

Suffolk County doesn't need a political hack as its Sheriff!

Boyle flyer

Challenger Larry Zacarese is the clear choice in Tuesday's Republican Primary.


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