A clear choice in next week's GOP primary

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

A clear choice in next week's GOP primary

And my only question is, how could the Suffolk County Republican "bosses" have gotten this one so wrong?

Tuesday, September 12th will see a primary election between party designee New York State Senator Phil Boyle (5th District, Bayshore) and challenger Larry Zacarese, a Smithtown resident and veteran of the NYPD. He is currently an Assistant Chief for Stony Brook University Police Department.

No Boyle

Not a tough decision, really... a law enforcement pro­fessional for the County's top law enforcement position, or a career politician.

The last career politician to inhabit the Sheriff's office was Eugene Dooley, most notable during his single term tenure (1986-1990) for over-seeing two jail breaks and wrapping a County car around a tree in Evanston, Illinois at 4:50 one morning.

(Subsequent to leaving office... his party declined to stand him for re-election... Dooley was actually in­carcerated after a series of alcohol-related domestic violence incidents in the same jail he once over-saw.)

Succeeding Sheriffs Pat Mahoney, Alfred Tisch and Vincent DeMarco each had solid credentials and served well, especially as the Pistol Licensing Officer for the five Eastern Townships.

(A one-time habitué of the Queens Democratic club­house, Dooley was a horror in that capacity... "arbi­trary and capricious" were his hallmarks... and was 0-2 lifetime against me when I challenged him!)

So I'm leery of career politicians, especially when Boyle's two slick mailers focus on "fighting back against gang violence," #1, and, #2, "getting tough on heroin dealers."

Laudable objectives, to be sure, but not what the Sheriff's Office does!

Since I have been late to this issue, I made use of Long Island Firearms, an on-line community for like-minded individuals, where I requested feedback on the following: "Suffolk County GOP Primary Sheriff's Race."

The response was a uniform consensus that challenger Zacarese was the superior choice, with repeated cites of Boyle's support for Governor Andrew Cuomo's hysterically-drafted New York SAFE Act even though, like Assembly­man Fred Thiele, he hadn't read it.

(Neither Boyle nor Thiele have made any attempts to have the faulty bill amended)

If that wasn't enough, this also got my attention

Long Island Sen. Phil Boyle getting heat for giving his longtime political boss' wife a hefty pay hike

It's tough to overcome a party machine, but in this in­stance it's important to try.


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