Season 7's Most Satisfying Death

Monday, August 28, 2017

Season 7's Most Satisfying Death

Spoiler Alert! If you've not yet seen the "Game of Thrones" Season 7 finale currently on HBO, pass by!

Seen it and want to relive a scene, c'mon in!

There were many characters who didn't survive the penul­timate season of this splendid series... sadly, Viscerion, one of Daenerys' fearsome dragons, but fittingly the entire male populace of House Frey, effectively putting an end to that particular bloodline... but the best death of all came last evening when Arya Stark meted out the ultimate justice to Petyr Baelish, a/k/a "Littlefinger."

It's a terrific moment, for the scheming, lying whore-monger has been making viewers' skin crawl with his treacherous duplicity since Season 1 when his betrayal of the noble Lord Eddard Stark directly led to his death by the Bannister's executioner.

With the three surviving Stark offspring reunited for the first time since the series inaugural season, Baelish hadn't a chance, since Brandon Stark, having now assumed the role of the "Three-eyed Raven," knows all and sees all, both past and present.

Fittingly, it is baby Arya Stark, now grown into a lethal teenage assassin thanks to her training in the free city of Bravos, who takes the knife that was a key piece of evidence against the pleading, sniveling Baelish, and dispassionately slit the scoundrel's throat!

I don't for a moment imagine that I was the only GOT aficionado who stood and cheered as the man gurgled his last on the stone floor.


1. Jeanne Speir said...

That was perfect justice. Baelish was such an oily, manipulative character.

I've never unbderstood why more people didn't figure out what he was up to much earlier on!

2. Barbara Ramsay said...

Now the long wait for next season... yes, seeing the slime ball get his due was pretty awesome.

I especially enjoyed the way it happened... that Arya Stark is a bad motor scooter!

Cersei is at the top of her kill list, and that would be fun, but the short money is now on her brother/lover Jaime.
– Dean

3. WR Moore said...

I don't get HBO so I haven't been following the series. Did read the books and figured no production could ever do justice.

While the scene shown was nicely played and satisfying, I highly doubt severed arteries are that neat.

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