Jeanne has made the scene...

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Jeanne has made the scene...

...and I'll be "batching" it for the next four-five days while she is off to, of all places, Wyoming where her son Baier the Doctor is fulfilling his residency requirement.

The critical element in this is that Sassy, puppy boy Rosco and I will be watching the Season 7 finale of "Game of Thrones" alone Sunday evening.


The 80-minute episode's title is "The Dragon and the Wolf," giving me hope that along with dragons, one of the two surviving direwolves, "Nymeria," will be in action!

I am breathless in anticipation!

Otherwise, I've been busy preparing the ol' family home­stead more for my needs... starting by turning off the three fans Jeanne has insisted on running all Summer around the clock.

Unfortunately, we are temperature-sensitive in diametri­cally opposite ways... but we still make it work!

"Made the scene"

I first heard the phrase from the late Bobby Schunk the Winter of '58-'59 at the old Palm Terrace out on the Riverhead Plains on the edge of what is now the Sarnoff Preserve.

(I later discovered he'd gotten it from the character "Kookie" on the popular television show, "77 Sunset Strip.")

The phrase seems to have changed its meaning over the decades. But as is my wont, I've digressed....

Jeanne, having made the scene at approximately 4:00 am, I miss her already.


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