Out, damn'd squirrels!

Monday, July 31, 2017

Out, damn'd squirrels!

Boy, did this catch my eye on this afternoon's 27east!

Squirrels Might Have Caused Fire At Quogue Refuge's Ice House

"Last month’s fire that damaged the Quogue Wildlife Refuge’s old ice house building might have been started by unlikely culprits: a family of squirrels."

Long before Jeanne began fighting the good fight against the giant "hooved rodents" (Odocoileus virginianus) whose population has burgeoned within our Village over the past 18-20 years and savaged her gardens...

(And yes, in Remsenburg as well!)


...our little rescue mixed terrier Gracie and I declared jihad against the local squirrel populace.

They were ubiquitous, drawn prima­ri­ly by the fruit of three huge Black Walnut trees (Juglans nigra) and, sec­ond­arily, potential access to our attic.

(The sounds of squirrels scurrying across one's roof are annoying in the extreme!)

Gracie, aside from a preternatural climbing and jumping ability, was an authentic and determined enemy of all things Sciurus carolinensis, and without going into too much detail, from the time she joined the family in mid-2003, we reduced close to 300 members of the area's grey squirrel community.

Waste not, want not... many were eagerly devoured by Gracie, but by early 2006 the squirrel problem was well in hand.

"Well done, guys!" Jeanne addressed master and mighty huntress, "We hardly see any squirrels now"

"The squirrels heard about us," she was told. "They don't come around here anymore."


1. WR Moore said...

Squirrels scurrying across your roof aren't anywhere near as annoying as them or chipmunks scurrying through the walls.


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