They've <EM>got</EM> to tighten...

Monday, July 24, 2017

They've got to tighten...

Updated Monday, July 24, 2017 – 5:34 pm

...the requirements for allowing people into the country by at least adding a rudimentary intelligence test!

Whatever else potential entrants would be asked, high on the list would be:

"If it has been raining throughout the night and morning and you are tasked with leaf-blowing on a landscaping job, so you:"
  1. Go ahead, put on a set of earphones and wander around the yard pointing the blower at anything resembling a leaf, no matter how soggy? (Adelante, ponga un conjunto de auriculares y pasee por el patio apuntando el soplador a cualquier cosa que se asemeje a una hoja, no importa cómo está empapado?)
  2. Pack up and go home to wait from a dryer day? (Pack y volver a casa a esperar de un día de secado?)

I feel the answer is eminently evident, but that may be a cultural bias on my part.

The Update

After 35 minutes of so of futility earlier this afternoon, they're back, optimistically thinking that the leaves had all dried out during the interim.

New step is to contact I.C.E. This is intolerable!


1. WR Moore said...


Tongue firmly in cheek. I was in Wal-Mart on a weekend and thought that I.C.E. could probably get their performance metric real quick.

Unfortunately, they have virtually no "performance metric" out this way. Target rich environment, though~

2. Champ19 said...


Just a thought, but did you ever think it may have been the man's idiot boss that sent him out there so he could bill the unsuspecting homeowner? Just a thought.

Always a possibility, Champ... but not high on my list of likelihoods.

I drove past the driveway hoping to pick up a name and/'phone number of the landscaper's truck, but there was none.

3. Susan said...

I honestly doubt they are out there because they think it is the best time to blow leaves - their employer has made that determination.

Similar to the employers who decide to keep clothing stores open during Winter states of emergency.

  1. Okay, a second vote for "It's the employer's fault!"
  2. Huh?

4. Mrs Genetics said...

Trump would have failed that test; be careful what you ask for.

Why? Are you suggesting that The Donald has ever hefted a leaf-blower?

Or are you just commenting on his intelligence? By that metric, California has cornered the market on intelligent people.

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