'Bout damned time!

Friday, July 21, 2017

'Bout damned time!

I've been railing against the disparity of gasoline prices in the area it seems like for-freakin'-ever...

(See: "Con$umer Ga$oline Advi$ory" exactly six years ago!)

...and prodding our Assemblyman Fred Thiele to do something about it!

For his part, Fred would issue an annual press release claiming he was introducting legislation to address the problem... which, not surprisingly, remained shame­fully unaddressed.

Imagine my shock upon seeing the headline on 27East this evening:

Thiele's Gas Pricing Law Passes Assembly, Faces Uphill Battle In Senate

This is accompanied by a goofy photo of Fred posed in front of some of the East End's higher priced Gulf gasoline pumps.

Still, this is good new for Eastern Long Island, right?

But read the fine(r) print, or as Paul Harvey used to say, "the rest of the story:"

"Former State Assemblyman Adam Bradley of New York's 89th district... sponsored the original 2008 legislation whose goal was to eliminate gasoline price gouging in the state's wealthier communities, like Westchester and the Hamptons...."

So it was another Legislator who put the bill into the hopper, though Fred apparenntly was pleased to co-sponsor it.

While the legislation has the support of the Long Island Gas Retailers Association and State Senator Kenneth LaValle, the bill is given little chance of passage in the new York State Senate.

And those of us who drive and live on the East End will continue to pay higher fuel prices and be represented by an ineffectual, if popular, member of the Assembly.


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