I'm rooting for the guy

Friday, July 14, 2017

I'm rooting for the guy

This caught my attention this morning:

Tim Tebow exceeding expectations in high-A ball

...and I was immediately reminded of that famous, long-running magazine advertisement from 1926: "They Laughed When I Sat Down At The Piano – But When I Started to Play!"


(But it wasn't because anyone was laughing at him for his prayerful ex­pres­sion of his faith after a scoring play.)

Tebow was the 2007 Heisman Trophy Winner as a sophomore out of the Univer­sity of Florida and was Denver's first round pick (25th overall) in the 2010 NFL Draft.

His auspicious second year with the Broncos, which includ­ed an overtime victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers during the first round of the NFL playoffs, came to an end when they signed free agent Peyton Manning to be their start­ing quarterback and he was traded along with a Broncos' 2012 seventh round draft pick to the New York Jets in exchange for the Jets' fourth and sixth round picks.

That the Jets took on $2.53 million owed the 2nd year man is especially puzzling given that the team under head coach Rex Ryan clearly had no intention in using him in a hinted at "wildcat offensive set."

Tebow at the Jets training camp

But the metropolitan sports media gave Tebow's arrival some play if for no other reason than they needed something to write about, and at one point there was some widely seen video footage of the bare-chested new arrival in the Jets training camp running in the rain that caught my wife's attention in a big way.

"Who is that?" Jeanne wanted to know as she recompos­ed herself from the wobbly-kneed, cross-eyed moment when she first glimpsed the man.

"That's the Jets new quarterback, m'dear" I told her and just like that there was a new Jets fan in the house.

It was all for naught, however, as Tebow appeared in but 12 of the team's 16 games, completed six of eight pass attempts for 39 yards, rushed for another 102 yards with no fumbles, no interceptions and zero touchdowns... and then he was gone.

That was 2012, and despite invitations to two other organization's training camps, Tebow has yet to appear in another NFL game.

Last year he decided to give baseball a try, and the New York Mets signed him to a minor league contract.

He's raised no eyebrows with his play so far, but has been on a good run since being promoted to the A+ level St. Lucie Mets in the Florida State League last month.

If the parent Mets don't turn their season around, there's a chance Tebow may get a September call-up to Citi Field, if for no other reason that to boost attendance with the curious.

Doesn't matter to me, but I'm hoping the man succeeds... he deserves it... hell, he deserves a lot more after what Rex Ryan and the Jets did to him in 2012.

Yeah, I'm a stone Detroit Lions and Los Angeles Dodgers fan, but I recognize the quality of Tim Tebow as a person, and I wish him well in all his endeavors.


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