Catching up with Evans Killeen

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Catching up with Evans Killeen

Years? Not nearly!

Evans Killeen basecall card, circa 1959

It's been decades since Evans Killeen and I ran across one another... it had to have been 1986 when "Rocket Gibraltar" was filming at Henry Immes former home on Beach Lane and one of the actors portraying a professionl baseball pitch­er, needed some serious coaching for his role.

Who ya gonna call?

In my official capacity as the "Mayor's Office on Film and Video Services" I was the production company's "Go To Guy" for potential resources. Fortunately, due to a late '60s puff piece in Suffolk Life, I knew that Evans, who had a floor covering business on Main Street at the time, had been a professional baseball pitcher.

He was operating Flaxman's Unfinished Furniture on the Riverside Circle where I'd bought several small pieces, so I was interested in the story one of Dave Willmott's staff had worked up about one his customers.

(It was the Suffolk Life policy that, in Willmott's words, "Advertisers get ink.")

Evans Kileen Summer 2017

I was particularly struck by one line in that story about Evans' invitation to the New York Mets training camp the previous season:

"Killeen pitched several Spring Training no-hitters."

That always tickled the bejabbers outta me... I knew what the writer meant, that Evans had thrown several hitless innings during a Spring try-out with the New York Mets, but whoever wrote the feature wasn't very familiar with the sport.

Still, it provided me with fodder for years to come, as each time his name came up, I always responded with:

"Ah, yes, Evans Killeen, that fine pitcher of Spring Training no-hitters."

Evans has a couple of years on me, but he looks good, well-tanned as usual, and is still in the floor covering business.

It's always good to see the "old faces" as there are less and less of them as the days continue to pass.


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