A misspent mind...

Thursday, July 06, 2017

A misspent mind...

...is George Guldi's, as we learn from 27East:

Appellate Court Tosses Guldi Conviction In Westhampton Beach Insurance Fraud Case...

(Yes, all aspects of the Mortgage Fraud trial were upheld.)

2009 Guldi mugshot

As someone who has known George his entire life... he was born and raised in my extended rear yard in the house he was convicted of setting fire to... it's been apparent that the man is a very smart attorney, just never quite as smart as he considered himself to be.

How this ruling affects George's freedom from incarcer­a­tion is not immediately known, but had he approached his two parole hearings with a less truculent attitude, he'd've been back on the street some time ago.


1. Hampton West said...

Just read he ran into a tree on Stewart Avenue in my 'hood (which The Press called the "former Air Force base housing;" come on, its been 40 some years now!). What was he doing up my way? I believe an ex owned a house on Cooke St a few years back but sold it.

  1. The old ways die hard, even though it'll shortly be half-a-century since the demobilization.
  2. Wasn't aware of that... last I knew, the second former Mrs. Guldi had a residence on one of those newly named streets off Hazelwood Avenue here in the Village.

2. Terri Scofield said...

Guldi was not "...convicted of setting fire to..." the Griffing Avenue family homestead. He was acquitted of forgery and possesion of a forged instrument, and wrongly convicted of insurance fraud and grand larceny by a stacked jury including two insurance company employees, one of which{sic} worked for AIG, the company he was accused of defrauding. Further,the second Mrs. Guldi left 3 Guldi Street when it was foreclosed upon and now lives at the Cooke Street address with Guldi's two youngest boys from that marriage. It will be interesting to see whether the corrupt outgoing Suffolk DA declines to re-indict on September 13th or if they ask for an adjournment until after the November election.

I'll indulge your unwholesome pathology this one (1!) time, Terri, because of my inartfully phraseology. The arson which terminally damaged the Guldi home at 9 Griffing Avenue was at the root of the insurance fraud prosecution.

3. Jackie Bennett said...

I'm confused as I seem to recollect that George wasn't even in town the day his house burned down.

Ahhhhhhh, Jacqueline, my little kumquat! Remember what Lieutenant James Dunbar managed with a book of matches and a single cigarette in "Stalag 17."
– Dean

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