Here's a weird one...

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Here's a weird one...

...uncovered during a 60 hours marathon viewing, in sequence, of the full six seasons of "Games of Thrones" over this extended weekend as cable HBO whets every­one's appetite for the delayed premiere of an abbreviated Season 7 on July 16th.

Not that this viewer needed much stimulation... I've been all in since midway through the first season when I sud­denly "got" what "GOT" was all about!

Septa Unella

(But, by the time the spectacular first season finale played out, I was a "lifer," committed for the duration... however many episodes that was destined to entail!)

But as I sat transfixed, refamiliarizing myself with the entire narrative to date, there were elements I'd forgotten and, distressingly, a number of scenes I have absolutely no... as in zero... recollection of having seen before!

There were also some characters, in revisiting, that I wondered about those who were portraying them, such as "Septa Unella," always cloaked in a grey habit and with but two words of dialogue endlessly repeated in the eight episodes in which she appeared over Seasons 5 and 6.

"Confess!" and "Shame!"

Interested in what the actress looked like out of character, I was struck by how similar Hannah Waddingham appeared to a familiar media personality from last year's Presidential election.

The real Hannah Waddingham Megyn Marie Kelly

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly may be four years older and five inches shorter than Waddingham, but in head shots the ladies might easily be mistaken for one another.

For the record, OtBB isn't breaking any news wondering what "Septa Unella" looked like in real life: tabloid press (Daily Elite and Mirror) were all over this a year ago.

"Game of Thrones" launches its penultimate seven episode season less than a fortnight from now... the prospect of snarling direwolves, flame-throwing dragons and comely nubility has me in breathless anticipation.


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