The Owls of East Main

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Owls of East Main

We have some welcomed new inhabitants at the ol' family homestead... ones that are decorative, inquisitive and beneficial in that they keep the property rodent-free!

(Not that we were infested with such critters, but mice and voles are not unknown hereabouts.)

Jeanne's younger daughter Kate, passionate birder she, came for a visit earlier this month, and found a number of feathered friends right here, on the East side of the house and atop the garage:

Screech owl

We've had an owl or two before, but a murder of crows would invariably show up and run them off with an aggres­sive and cacophonous torrent of noise suggesting that end times were nigh!

Screech owl

(Sadly, for one owlet in a decade past, it was.)


Don't like crows... especially as a collective! They are noisy to a fault, and demanding in the most insistant manner.

Whatever sounds owls make are pleasantly sonorous while I can think of no benefit to even one crow... there being little carrion around requiring disposal.

The owls, on the other hand, are a pleasure and help retain a pastoral quality to the area that is all too rapidly disappearing.

(All honor to step-daughter Kate for the images displayed here.)


1. Hampton West said...

They are also up my way, living in the Pine Barrens, apparently attracted by a vole invasion that turned my yard spongy.(The feral cats weren't doing their job.) Since their appearance two weeks ago the vole problem has ebbed. And yes, crows are a pain!

Bring on the owls!... All sorts!

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