Hope there's a video record of this event

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Hope there's a video record of this event

I'm doubly up for this one:

This summer you can hear Vin Scully become Abraham Lincoln in 'A Lincoln Portrait'

As the immediate universe knows, I'm a huge Dodgers fan, and have a tremendous fondness for the dulcet tones of the great Vin Scully, their broadcaster for 67 years.

And since my college days, I've loved the compositions and performances the Aaron Copland.

I remember wandering into a record store on West 4th Street near University Street back in the early '60s one Saturday evening to browse a bit, and when the clerk wanted to know if he could assist me, I asked where the Aaron Copland bin was located.

"He doesn't have one," he responded in a tone he reserved for anyone who'd walked, not too carefully, through "Dogshit Alley1" on their way there. "He's not important enough!"

He was fortunate I hadn't taken the path to his store, as I would have been sore tempted to knock him down and scrape my shoes clean on his disdainful expression!

(Ye Gawds how that irritated me for years!)

The 1959 recording I had all through college was of the New York Philharmonic, conducted by André Kostelanetz (who had commissioned the work in 1942) and narrated by poet and Lincoln biographer Carl Sandburg.

I've heard other versions... including ones narrated by Adlai Stevenson and John V. Lindsay... but it's not the white tie, tails and distinuished look that makes it, it's the voice and delivery, which Sandburg had in spades!

I'm betting that Scully will as well.

  1. A popular local colloquialism for a short block off 6th Avenue and Waverly.


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