Now it can be told...

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Now it can be told...

Yvonna Craig as 'Batgirl'

..."Batgirl" was a babe of the major variety!

While puttering 'round the 'Net researching some facts for the previous OtBB entry, I came across some nifty photos of the late Yvonne Craig.

Barnara Eden as "Jeannie"

Craig was a curvaceous gal who, despite her feminist activities was not reluctant to appear in two piece swim suits, more bikini than the con­ven­tional bathing garb of the time... remember that Barbara Eden's bubblegum-pink harem pants routinely covered her navel for the five year (1965-1970) 139 episode run of the popular "I Dream of Jeannie" series.

During her 26 episode final season (1967-1968) turn as "Batgirl," Craig's costumes never revealed much beyond an impressive 34C bustline; the next year she appreared as the green-skinned "Marta" during the final season of "Star Trek." and that stirred some loins among male viewers.

'Batgirl' and a naval-baring Yvonne Craig

Yvonne, obviously I barely knew ya!


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