Frank Deford (1938-2017)

Monday, May 29, 2017

Frank Deford (1938-2017)

Frank Deford

I can't really say enough about Benjamin Franklin Deford III, so I'll keep it brief: he was an old school sports writer/editor (as well as author of a score of books, not exclusively about sports), and six times voted Sports­writer of the Year by the National Sports Media Association.

Deford's résumé is unassailable: his half-a-century at Sports Illustrated, his 37 years of commentaries on National Public Radio, and his journalism on HBO's "Real Sports" where he always shown above the mediocrity of host Bryant Gumbell and other hacks like Soledad O'Brien and that uber-weenie Bob Costas.

In 2012, he became the first magazine recipient of the Red Smith Award, attesting to his authenticity and skill.

More importantly, Frank Deford was a kind person who took the time to write a personal and constructive rejection note after I'm made a submission inquiry to the new per­i­odical for which he was Editor-in-chief, "The National," the country's first daily sports newspaper.

Foremost in my mind is that he was something of a throw­back as a sportswriter, and a real gentleman... we are all diminished by his passing.


1. Coach K said...

Loved his weekly NPR gig. Always pertinent, flowing and poetic. Had trouble with him when he used to sit with Gumbel. Usually that which they were discussing was pure Gumbel-driven drivel.

What? What? Something on which we unequivocally agree???

2. Coach K said...

Had to pinch myself.

Been stumblin' around, talkin' to myself as well. Where did we go wroung?

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