Wednesday's once again in balance

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wednesday's once again in balance

It's not much of a secret that a feature of my mid-week routine is an egg, sausage and cheese wrap at Eckart's Luncheonette, a repast that's not only tasty but holds me for the day so that I skip breakfast and can enjoy a lighter-than-usual dinner/supper.

Not so, however, the previous two Wednesdays! I had left feeling uncommonly incomplete as the wrap seemed less substantial than usual.

As I was exiting last week, I mentioned the matter to Dee, wondering if she'd cut back on the sausage content in an effort to avoid a price increase

"No," she said, then muttered something about there supposing to be only two sausage of the turkey variety, but three of the "regular" sort, before asserting:

"I'll mention it to him. He's kinda new here."

Today the wrap was as I'd always remembered it, and all was right with the my world.


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