Never let it be said...

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Never let it be said...

...that the developers of the old bowling alley property on Sunset Avenue and Mill Road are going to let nature stand in the way of their project.

Young tree at risk.

The yellow overlay area indicates the approximate curb cut and driveway apron along Mill Road, with the healthy young tree smack in the middle of it.

Some nosey parker who took inordinate interest in my cell' 'phone snap-shotting from the sidewalk on Sunset, after dismissing that little tree as "kinda scrawny," when mildly disputed decided that the tree would be replanted in another location.

Neither the tree nor I are especially confident of such an outcome.

CVS parking lot

It appears, however, that progress on the long-delayed project is actually being made.

The old Bowling Alley

It is furiously to be desired!


1. Scarlett said...

Quick! Alert Ridgie Barnet!

Good idea! Should've thought of that myself. Thanks.

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