It was an instructive Sunday afternoon...

Sunday, April 23, 2017

It was an instructive Sunday afternoon...

...spent in the company of my wife, my Congressman, and a capacity crowd in the Shinnecock lecture hall at Suffolk County Community College, on the campus referred to as "Riverhead."

There are polite audiences, disruptive audiences and rude audiences... and I've seen all of them, right here in Westhampton Beach. But I guess I've been fortunate in that I've never attended one at either the old fire house or at the new Six Corners Village Hall where the Mayor wasn't able to quickly maintain control and get on with the substance of the meeting, even at the ill-advised "Police Commissioner" hearing.

Unfortunately, Suffolk County Comptroller John M. Ken­nedy, who served as moderator, wasn't up to the task, and I don't know of anyone who would have been.

(Disclaimer: I've thrice voted for Lee Zeldin; in 2010 and 2014 because I couldn't abide Nancy Pelosi lapdog Tim Bishop, and in 2016 based on his first term in Congress.)

We each came away from the meeting disgruntled; Jeanne because she felt his answers weren't substantive enough, and I because of the disruptive tactics of some whose only purpose in being there seemed to be disruption.

(I mean, what the hell does Zeldin have to do with Trump's tax returns?)

I fear we are in perilous times regarding meaningful political discourse. Donald J. Trump hasn't helped much in the regard, but then neither has Elizabeth Warren and DNC Chair Tom Perez.

In witness whereof...

...Jeanne's and my front row attendence at the contentious session at SCCC, the sharp-eyed will spot us in this photo.

Jeanne's own views on the experience will likely be revealed on this week's Letters page in The Southampton Press Western Edition.


1. Coach K said...

... I was blown away by the Zeldin show on Sunday at SCCC.

First of all, five police departments: U.S Secret Service, SCPD with bomb-sniffing dog, State Police, Southampton Town and SCCC security. Really?

Secondly, the need to show ID at the door to one of his hacks to gain entrance did not feel right. It was easier to cast a vote for him ( didn't), no ID needed, at the local polling place then it was to hear him speak post-election. He was much more accessible pre-election to the electorate than he is now as the representative from the 1st CD.

The format was rigged – with the SC Comptroller screening the questions and lobbing only softballs at Zeldin. And, these were questions that he could not and did not answer. He delivered only rhetorical sound bites that were rehearsed all with the goal of confusing the audience with the "technicality" of the answer. Did not work – he cannot answer questions – I have seen this ability/willingness decrease in him since he was elected.

Irrespective of the crowd haranguing him and his misguided positions on issues, he does not possess the skills to inform. He is about himself and his political career – and he cares nothing about his constituency, only about re-election.

Rather than be a forum in open government and the sharing of ideas and needs of his district – the whole thing smacked of a repressive regime destined for trouble – which is where the Trump/Zeldin thing is going. He does not have a credible bone in his body.

For a brief second, I felt saddened that our beautiful democracy had come to this.

Lemme guess... you were on of the ones wearing a "resist" button.

Most of your observations are accurate; your broad characterizations of his positions as "misguided" simply reveal your liberal bias.

But thanks for your articulation of your views.

2. Jeanne Speir said...

I decided it was time to take a look under the hood at who financed Zelda's reelection. Small contributors (read that: voters) make up but a very small piece of his pie.

  1. Good find, m'dear!
  2. How closely did you look at all the data?
  3. What do you infer from what's revealed there?

3. Terri Scofield said...

Why have we not seen hide nor hair of the League of Women Voters? They used to host a plethora of Suffolk County debates and town halls. Think I recall them pulling out of an early Bishop/Zeldin event in Riverhead or Hampton Bays. Since then, both "major" parties seem to have bidden the good riddance, preferring scripted sessions in place of public discourse.

Unfortunately, their recent inaction shows that the LOWV are no longer relevant.

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