The Synagogue Strikes Back

Friday, May 09, 2008

The Synagogue Strikes Back

Which is not to equate Rabbi Marc Schneier with Darth Vader, but has anyone seen today's NY Post yet?

Hamptons' Edgy Holy War
Residents of a wealthy East End enclave are up in arms and living in fear that their tony way of life will be destroyed - all because of a quarter-inch strip of plastic.

And yeah, even with the "wealthy East End enclave" and "tony way of life" garbage designed to titillate the Gotham strap-hangers, they're talkin' 'bout us!

That which OtBB discussed ten days ago, ("Incomprehensible!") has come to pass, and it is only the first of other shoes to drop.

What's sad for the Village is that is was all so avoidable.


1. Tony Joe Berk said...

"Holy War" is a bit harsh, but it is the NY Post we're talking about. Unfortunately they did not mention Father Morro's endorsement for the eruv.

Of course not… the Noo Yawk tabloids dote on anything to do with "The Hamptons." They understand their readership demographic perfectly.
As for the "war" part, it's impossible not to think of the lines from Citizen Kane when a reporter cables the publisher that "there is no war in Cuba."
The publisher cables back: "You provide the prose poems. I'll provide the war."
Sadly for the Village, the Mayor and the Village Attorney couldn't head off Joan Levan and Toni-Jo Birk, and now we have a major problem!

2. vel said...

Look at local news. The ignorance of the comments reported is only exceeded in foolishness by the Village Board's allowing the issue get out of hand. While the Board claims to be trying to learn all the facts, they have asked little in the way of illuminating questions. Most of the information has come from the applicant's presentation and audience questions, notwithstanding the question about how many members of the Synagogue pay taxes.

That 113-second segment aired on the 7:00 pm News, which footage is avail­able on-line for any who wish to be revolted at the superficiality of Channel 2's coverage, and cringe at what some will say to a TV camera.
Two of the four "in the street" interviews seem to be conducted in Magic's, and the "reporter," Jennifer McLogan, the best about whom can be said that she didn't spend two-hours in Hair & Make-up for her on-camera appearance, borrowed liberally from the NY Post story. (cf: "wealthy Westhampton Beach," "tony," "enclave."

3. Matlynn Carville said...

"Tony?!?" Good grief--"tony enclave?" Gimme a break! Those folks who were interviewed clearly had "Salt of the Earth/Normal Income" all over their mugs. Where was the "Empress of O'Neck" while the cameras were rolling?

4. Bonnie Motts said...

Vel: "notwithstanding the question about how many members of the Synagogue pay taxes…"
While paying taxes is indeed important, it is one's residency that gives one rights in one's community.

Absolutely, but there's a whole lotta seasonal (part-time) "residents" who don't agree with the Attorney General on this critical issue.

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