I guess this'll have to do...

Friday, March 31, 2017

I guess this'll have to do...

...for now since ESPN seems determined to do away with one of my Sunday morning viewing staples, "The Sports Reporters," a corporate decision excoriated here two months ago.

The "make-do" show is a re-vamped edition of Friday's Bob Ley-hosted "Outside the Lines," subtitled "The Friday Four."

It's difficult to not think of it as "The Sports Reporters Lite," but the light part is the comparative ages of Ley's panel... Jeremy Schaap, Kate Fagan and Ryan Smith... in relation to the Sunday morning regulars led by that grat­ing weenie Mike Lupica.

The show is cablecast Fridays at 1:00 pm on ESPN (chan­nels 36/210) and it is hoped that "the worldwide leader in sports" sees its value and keeps it going.

Ideally, ESPN would keep "The Sports Reporters" going and install Schaap in Lupica's role!


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