A trio of truly terrible people...

Thursday, March 09, 2017

A trio of truly terrible people...

...who've thoughtfully assembled together for a group photograph:


The occasion was, of course, the President's first address to Congress last week.

Kirsten Gillibrand

At the upper left is Senator Kirsten Gillibrand [d, ny], selected in 2009 by Governor David Paterson from New York's 20th congressional district where she had served one term, to replace Hillary Clinton who'd joined Obama's cabinet as Secretary of State.

One of those rare blue state Democrats who supported gun rights... or said she did... within a fortnight of her appoint­ment, following a quick counseling session with New York's Senior Senator, rabid anti-gunner Chuck Schumer, Gillibrand was suddenly no longer a supporter of the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

Elizabeth Warren

To her left... w-a-a-a-y Left... is Senator Elizabeth Warren [d, ma], a first termer and former law professor from Texas who was outed by the Boston Herald in April 2012 as having listed herself, from 1986 to 1995, as a minority in the Association of Ameri­can Law Schools directories, citing a Native American (Chero­kee and Delaware) heritage. (Harvard Law School had even brandished this as proof of their faculty's diversity.)

(Withstanding Warren's self-identification, authenti­ca­tion of her claim has proven elusive.)

She made headlines last month with a strident denunci­a­tion of the Trump Administration's nominee for Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, by reading a 31-year old letter from Martin Luther King's widow opposing Session's appoint­ment as a Federal Judge due to a perceived racial bias. Despite repeated admonitions by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell [r-ky] that she was breaching Senate Rule 19 by impugning the motives and conduct of a colleage, Warren carried on her polemic.

Repeatedly invoking the name of the late Coretta Scott King like Ali Baba uttering "Open sesame," an unusual roll-call vote finally stopped her shrill screed.

Richard Blumenthal

Finally, there's the duplicitous first term Senator Richard Blumenthal [d, ct] who, during his 2010 senate campaign cited "the days that I served in Vietnam."

Like Hillary Clinton and Brian Williams before him, he was forced to walk that assertion back when it was revealed that he'd received several draft deferments during the Vietnam War before enlisting in the Marine Corps Reserve and serving in the District of Columbia and Connecticut from 1970 to 1976.

More recently than his stolen valor claim, in February after President Trump nominated the widely respected Federal Judge Neil Gorsuch to fill the vacant seat on the United States Supreme Court, Blumenthal was all over the con­trovery-hungry media claiming the nominee had said that Trump's recent attacks on judges were "demoralizing" and "disheartening."

A Blumenthal quote:

"He certainly expressed to me that he is disheartened by the demoralizing and abhorrent comments made by President Trump about the judiciary,"

Except that, as we learned in an under-reported story the next day, more than anything else, Blumenthal was likely looking for some headlines.

A spokeswoman for nominee Gorsuch, former Senator Kelly Ayotte [r, nh], disputed reports that he called Pres­ident Trump's attack on a federal judge "demoralizing."

"Judge Gorsuch has made it very clear in all of his discussions with senators, including Senator Blum­en­thal, that he could not comment on any specific cases and that judicial ethics prevent him from commenting on political matters."

It must be noted that while Blumenthal is up for re-election this year, and within minutes of Trump's announcement of his pick for the vacant seat on the high court, the junior Senator from Connecticut released a statement saying "I have deep, serious concerns about Judge Gorsuch."

Readers may draw their own conclusions about Blumen­thal's game here, but it's a settled matter with OtBB that these three Senators are truly terrible public servants.


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