Schaap: fill-in/audition, or preview...

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Schaap: fill-in/audition, or preview...

...if the latter, it is furiously to be desired!

Last month when cable ESPN announced that, after 29 years, it was canceling "The Sports Reporters," OtBB had something to say about it.

Bench Mike Lupica and bring in Jeremy Schaap, exactly what was done for today's edition.

(Not surprising, The NY Post's Page Six also hung it around Lupica's neck, but then it must be remem­ber­ed that Lupica's by-line has always appeared in a competing New York City tabloid.)

For numerous reasons, it's a natural... Schaap is not only an authentic sports journalist but, unlike Lupica, has a good voice and doesn't have peripatetic little girly hands.

For his part, something ESPN seems to have ignored, Lupica has previously failed with a short-lived radio show on New York City's WFAN in the mid-90's, as well as, more recently, "The Mike Lupica Show" on ESPN2.

Hopefully, this is a signal that the suits in Bristol, Connecticut and Anaheim, California... ESPN is Disney-owned... have figured out that Lupica might not be worth sacrificing a popular long-running program for.

Live long "The Sports Reporters" on ESPN... there's nothing worthwhile waiting to replace it!


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