Comedy Tonight: the other shoe falleth

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Comedy Tonight: the other shoe falleth

Okay, so last night was a "shake down cruise," the maiden voyage of comedy at The Claddagh, and while I have no idea what sort of capacity the Fire Marshal established for the place, it seemed pretty near capacity.

That is to say, I think the launch was a successful one... Jeanne certainly enjoyed herself, and it seemed the rest of the crowd did as well.

And for good reason: two of the comedians, Jack Simmons and especially Peter Bales, in the parlance of their trade­craft, "killed."

(Peaches Rodriguez, who also doubled as Mistress of Ceremonies, spent too much of her time flapping her arms and exhorting the audience to "Give your selves a big hand!"

A fourth performer was under-voiced and his act mercifully brief; few caught either his name or his under-stated "prop humor.")

The evening didn't go all that smoothly, though... the waitresses refused to serve beverages to the tables, and insisted that I go to the three-deep bar where one barmaid and one of the owners were mightily challenged to keep up.

But they didn't sur-charge for the drinks because of the entertainment, something I've seen happen even when there' a cover charge, $20 in this case.

Comedy tickets

I think the evening went
well enough that The Claddagh would try it again... I certainly hope so 'cause it was a good night out.


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