After a great start, Best Market...

Monday, February 20, 2017

After a great start, Best Market... sending an unfortunate signal that while Wald­baum's/A&P may be gone, one of their more onerous and odious policies lives on at 70 Sunset Avenue.

(Calling Dot Berdinka, Kay Frankfurt and Joanna Ferraro-Levy! We can't call it "CRAAP" anymore... maybe "CRABY?" )

I recall the suits in Montvale, NJ referred to it as "zone pricing," by which shoppers at the Westhampton Beach store pay a chunk more than those who travel 8¼ miles to buy the identical item at the Best on Route 58.

Jeanne discovered this when she picked up a flyer from each location and compared sale item prices.

The one from the Riverhead store:

Riverhead flyer

Looks the same, but "Valid in Westhampton Beach Only;" note the numbers:

Westhampton Beach flyer

Here's some direct price comparisons:

Sale Item Advertised in each Flyer 11901 11978
80% Lean Ground Beef $1.98/lb. $2.98/lb.
Loin Center Cut Pork Chops $2.48/lb. $2.98/lb.
Beef Loin NY Strip Steak $4.88/lb. $5.88/lb.
Wild Caught Raw Pink Shrimp $6.98/lb. $7.88/lb.
Flippo Berio Olive Oil 50.7 fl.oz. $7.88/lb. $9.88/lb.
Turkey Hill Ice Cream 48 fl.oz. $2.88/lb. $7.00/2

There's plenty of other examples of price disparities as well, but the above is just from the front page of the two weekly flyers.

No matter how they rationalize it, Best purchases at one price, and it costs the same to deliver it to Sunset Avenue as it does to Route 58... they charge more here because "it's what the market will bear!" since we're in The Hamptons.

I like the Westhampton Beach store... clean, roomy, well-stocked, brightly-lit and it smells exponentially better than the former purveyor at that location.

But even with fuel prices sneaking back up, it's probably worth the trip to Riverhead to do one weekly "big shop."


1. Jeanne Speir said...

Hear, hear!

I'm lucky to have a Prius. It's about 1/4 gallon to go both ways, so my transportation is less than a dollar, round trip. I also like that Riverhead Stop & Shop is right down the road, because I pick up their sale items and then get cheaper gas at the Shell station on the South traffic circle.

The Westhampton Beach Best Market is a pretty store with excellent service. I realize that a very close location is important; time is money, too. But two bucks extra for olive oil? A dollar a pound differences in seafood? Really....

Hear hear, indeed! Or, in this instance, there, there!
– Dean

2. Ann McVey said...

Just like gas. Who doesn't go to Riverhead to gas up? smiley

Me... I go to Eastport Valero!

But your point is taken... seems like every year Fred Thiele announces that he's written a letter to someone about the disparity of gasoline prices out here, but then nothing ever comes of it!

3. Hampton West said...

Nice reporting job – clearly not fake food.

Thank you... you wag!

4. Fromm Emmes said...


I've added an explanatory CRAAP link to the blog.
– Dean

5. Susan B said...

I never do my weekly shopping anywhere but Riverhead. I never expected that to change with any store they put in to the village of Westhampton Beach.

But I am grateful for a clean store to do that "quick run" when necessary.

I exect that yours is the majority view, Susan... thank you.
– Dean

6. Beth Flanagan said...

Reluctantly I will make the "quick run" but have noticed higher prices all along. is the only way for me....

Still a Peapodder, eh?

7. Beth Flanagan said...

Peapodder through and through. I am a proud owner of a "pod-pass" too, with free delivery and/or free stuff once a month. I'm way ahead of the house on a weekly delivery.

I can't say enough good things about the delivery guys: Prompt (within a 2 hour window) pleasant (they bring everything in and hand you the eggs). They take coupons, they take back the bags to recycle, they even bring dog biscuits for Molly!

It's crazy to do anything else, in my humble opinion.

JAY-sus, Beth, sounds like they could break up a marriage as well!
– Dean

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