Makes me freakin' nuts!

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Makes me freakin' nuts!

Rather than curse the darkness, Jeanne went out and bought a 2-pack of Silvania LED bulbs...

Rediculously oversized packaging BJ's (@ $12.99 + sales tax) for the light by her television chair where she reads her periodicals while I'm watching anything that disinterests her... which is just about everything since "Justified" went off the air.

But that not what makes me freakin' nuts... it's the freak­in' absurd packaging (made in China!) that is r-e-a-l-l-y difficult (degree of difficulty: 9/10) to open safely and with­out breaking the bulb(s) within!

I twice scoured the multi-lingual fine print information on the rear of the huge blister pack, looking for guidance if not actual instructions on how to more easily access the product, all to no avail.

I finally got one of the bulbs free of the laminated cardboard and hard plastic, and it performed entirely to Jeanne's satisfaction but I gotta say, aside from that it really wasn't worth the hassle.

I've known the name Sylvania my entire life, and while I'm not wed to the brand, I've had no reason to not have confidence in their products... until now.

The company advises that:

"Sylvania light bulbs, made in America in St. Marys, Pa., the only place still making light bulbs in the U.S." maybe Sylvania whored out its name for a Chinese-made product to be sold on the cheap in big box store chains like BJ's, Walmart and K-Mart.

Esse conscius extra Emptor... and read the label!


1. Jeanne Speir said...

We'll always have "Game of Thrones," dear, as well as "Justified...."

Yes, there's that... we both loved the writing of the Fx drama ('cause Elmore Leonard's one of my all-time favorite writers), but the HBO series gets me going with the direwolves, the dragons and, yes, the nubile lasses.

2. David Powell said...

A few years back I ripped open one of those new plastic blister packs and cut myself pretty good. Ever since then, I use a utility knife to open them up, and watch out for sharp edges. My package was for Printer Ink, I am guessing these new bulbs are expensive, so they go with the "extra armor" for them, too.

That's only part of the issue... clearly Sylvania grabbed up this off-shore contract to slap their brand name on it and dump a cheaper product into the mass-marketeers, never mind that the company is still touting that their products are all "American-made."

Equally importantly, there's no excuse to making a product so hard to unpack that one has to work up a sweat and/or draw one's own blood to use it!

3. David Powell said...

I agree there. I wish I had the cite, but a few years back, one of the News networks was showing an "traditional style" light bulb factory was closing and a new one, to make the CFL bulbs, was going to be built in China, one side effect of the government pressing for changes in types of light bulbs out there.

On the subject of politics, it is impossible to not see how stuff like this led to the election of Donald Trump (except for a lot of people in our media and political professions, I guess). And you are right, if the packaging is deceptive, that is a double insult. The packaging is the final stink bomb on top.

It's the corporate tag line that's not "deceptive," but a lie!

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