How they dealt with Muslim fanatics...

Friday, February 03, 2017

How they dealt with Muslim fanatics... the old days, if Hollywood history is at all accurate.

I love old movies, especially the ones from my youth, and I disremember in which "oater" I first heard this, but I've never forgotten it as it speaks directly to consumption:

"Indians boil the buffalo hooves."

(i.e., nothing is wasted; when they kill an animal, it's not just for the meat and the hide.)

Now, with the warning earlier this week that America's inventory of frozen pork bellies (the source of bacon) is at its lowest point in half-a-century, we should make sure that no part of any butchered swine goes to waste.

There's an important scene in 1939's "The Real Glory:"

A Juramentado was a Muslim Moro fanatic in the Phil­ip­pines at the turn of the last century, who, his head full of keef, would charge into a U.S. military camp swinging his bolo knife and killing whatever officers he could reach.

Gary Cooper's solution seems to be on point.

Pig skins and pork fat, vital elements in today's defense strategy.


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