Sunday, May 04, 2008


...but certainly not un-newsworthy, were the uncommon activities at the Westhampton Beach Planning Board Work Session of April 28th.

It's not that The Southampton Press Western Edition didn't have anyone covering it... Jessica DiNapoli was present for a large chunk of the meeting, and while no audio recorder or note­book was in evidence, she snapped photos of Bruce Barnet and Robert Muchnick, the latter just an instant before the meeting got really interesting.

The sole notice that the newspaper was even on the job that afternoon, was the following which was included in Ms. DiNapoli's page 1 story of the Muchnicks $25 million lawsuit:

(All five members of the Westhampton Beach Planning Board, as well as Village Attorney Bo Bishop, declined to review or comment on Mr. Muchnick’s application for the complex at last Thursday night’s Planning Board work session, although it was listed on the agenda.)

That was it... nothing about the statement by the Village Attorney, or the expressed inten­tions of Planning Board members Victor Levy and David Reilly, to leave the hearing if Mr. Muchnick spoke.

Was a time when a reporter from the old Chronicle-News... Ann Nowak, Jim Nolan, Doug Love, Joe Louchheim or Bill Sutton all come to mind. Any of them would've been all over that like a Long Island duck on a Japanese beetle. It was a key event, the first confrontation between the Muchnicks and the municipality since the existence of the lawsuit was revealed.

Perhaps The Press doesn't wish to appear to chase OtBB on a story anymore than is necessary, but the rub is that they are designated the "journal of record" for the Village, not this blog.


1. Tony Joe Berk said...

You slowly are becoming the "journal of record," therefore you should look into selling advertising space.

Thank you, but nah!

2. Matlynn Carville said...

I second Tony Joe! Everybody reads you!

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