Congratulations 2017 Hall of Famers...

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Congratulations 2017 Hall of Famers...

...Jeff Bagwell, Tim Raines and "Pudge" Rodriguez, voted into the Cooperstown baseball shrine, each with over 75% of the votes cast by the Baseball Writers of America.

I have no quibble with any of those inductees, though I'm saddened by the lessened vote totals for outspoken pitcher Curt Schilling, doomed by Political Correctitude, a curse defeated only by Donald Trump.

But again I am infuriated by that uber-weenie Bob Costas who, during the announcement cablecast on MLB (Channel 222), made snide comment about Bagwell's induction on his sixth year of eligibility, saying that it was because Mike Piazza was voted in last year.

(Each year with the announcement of new members, it seems that Costas can't help making a jerk out of himself!)

Wholly unsubstantiated whispers hinted that the careers of Piazza (someone spotted pimples on his back) and Bagwell (who knows why?) and somehow delegitimized those players as Hall of Famers.

Here's the deal, Costas, you little jock-sniffer... pretend you're in a courtroom giving sworn testimony. If you can't say it under oath, just shut up!


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