Just when we really need him...

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Just when we really need him...

...to head to to Washington, D.C. and knock Al Sharpton on his steatopygian butt, Roy Innes has left us.

Civil rights leader Innis, who moved from liberalism to libertarianism, dies at 82

Born on St. Croix in the United States Virgin Islands in 1932, Roy Emile Alfredo Innis was elected national chair­man of the Congress of Racial Equality in 1968 and was a strong voice for the organization's principles for more than half a century.

Having lost two sons to gun violence in 1968 and 1982, Innes still saw the issues very clearly and still sat on the Board of Directors of the National Rifle Association.

Gun control, he told fellow African-Americans, "was not meant to protect your safety; it was meant to deprive you of your freedom."

"My sons were not killed by the KKK or David Duke. They were murdered by young, black thugs. I use the murder of my sons by black hoodlums to shift the problems from excuses like the KKK to the dope pushers on the streets."

He died in New York City Sunday morning after a lengthy struggle with Parkinson's disease.

How wonderful it would have been had Sharpton and his bus of rabble-rousers arrived in our nation's capital for the Inauguration this weekend to have found Roy Innes wait­ing for them!


1. WR Moore said...

Sad, he'll be sorely missed.

I met him several times over the years at various Gun Rights Policy Conferences and loved to hear the man speak in his heavy West Indiaman accent.
– Dean

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