'A good guy with a gun...'

Monday, January 09, 2017

'A good guy with a gun...'

...isn't just a tag line used by the National Rifle Association, it's real and it's even more relevant now than in any time recent.

'I fired until my magazine was empty'

"Eytan Rund, an Israeli guide who survived the Jeru­salem lorry attack, recounts his ordeal"

The big news story all weekend had been about a bad guy with a gun running amok in the baggage claim area of the Fort Lauderdale airport, accompanied with some grotesque misinformation... and it didn't matter which of the media was reporting it... CNN, MSNBC, ABC or Fox.

Typical was this from CBS:

Fort Lauderdale shooting could reopen debate on flying with firearms

Um, what debate? The only debate in most media minds is whether firearms should be possessed by anyone other than their personal security details!

No one actually took the time to read TSA's operative rules: "Transporting Firearms and Ammunition," formerly FAA Regulation 108.11.

But in Jerusalem yesterday, a good guy with a gun, the tour guide, addressed the threat and more good guys weren't harmed.


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