Never 'got' Giuliana Rancic...

Sunday, January 08, 2017

Never 'got' Giuliana Rancic...

Giuliana Rancic

...or what her claim to any sort of celebrity could be aside, from her in­sistance on wearing her hair drawn back emphasizing not only her cheekbones and ears, but an oversized head atop a dis­turb­ingly cachectic body.

Yet she persists, as I learned en passant (channel-flip­ping) earlier this evening:

Golden Globes 2017: All the Details on Giuliana Rancic's Romantic, Rosy Look

Giuliana Rancic

I have no notion of where the former Ms. DePandi came from (okay, she was born in Naples, Italy in 1975) or how she got to her current station in her professional life... I don't consider her that attractive, and if she has a particular talent, I remain singularly unilluminated.

In researching the subject, about the only things I could discover about the woman is that her main connection to that celebrity is E! Entertainment Television, #1, and, #2, she was involved with some silly controversy two years ago during an Oscars recap show when she made an off-the-cuff quip which others in the media blew into a "big story."

(The subject of the quip, a model-actress named Zendaya, added to the newsworthiness of the in­cident by calling Rancic's comment "outrageously offensive.")

In the wake of that "firestorm" E! separated her from her signature "Fashion Police" series, though she still ap­pears on the red carpet of the various self-congratulatory awards shows the cable network covers.

Even dressed to the fashion max for this evening's Golden Globes coverage, Rancic looks awful, so I really don't "get" her continued celebrity.


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