Please disregard Wednesday's blog...

Saturday, January 07, 2017

Please disregard Wednesday's blog...

...the one entitled "Not sure what to make of this," as I have no excuses to make.

I was away part of the week and taped three evenings worth of "Chasing News" to better delve into it.

The on-air people (known as "chasers") serve as field reporters and their own camera-persons (using "selfie-sticks" for the love of Jacques Dittes), studio co-hosts, writers/producers and set-dressers.... similar to the way Harvey Levin dresses his miminalist "TMZ on TV" sets with informally-clad youngsters.

Production values are purposefully nil, and the content is part (New Jersey) political interviews, part local news (as long as it's convenient to their studios), all interspersed with features so soft that mushy is a better description.

"Zany" would also be appropriate in some instances, most prominently with an indulgent segment by an auditioning "chaser" named Ariane Datil, dancing about the Atlantic shoreline with her selfie-stick and a GoPro on a mini-drone, reciting some doggrel about a dead whale she christened "Mildred."

(Inexplicably, the segment was re-run the next evening!)

In my final analsis, by any conventional measure, the entire operation is thoroughly unprofessional and just silly.

It will doubtless be successful with its target audience, and much imitated... it's also being re-shown 1:00 am on Fox Channel 5, so apparently it's already "catching on."


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