Cheat, cheat, never beat!

Monday, January 02, 2017

Cheat, cheat, never beat!

The big pop news out of New Year's Eve was some dirty work at the crossroads of the world: Times Square.

Mariah Carey walks off stage after technical snag

"An audio track malfunction was reported while Carey was lip-syncing to some of her biggest songs onstage in front of a live audience of millions."

The lessons of Milli Vanilli clearly escaped the Carey camp.

Then, walking off the stage in a huff, she said:

"It is what it is. It just don't get any better."

Ms. Carey, it appears, never took any grammar classes.

But then came the Hillary Clinton/DNC moment:

Mariah Carey's Team Claims Singer Was Sabotaged to Get Ratings for New Year's Eve Show

By the Russians, no doubt!


1. Scarlett said...

Not a fan, eh?

Good guess!

To me she come across as a phony and a diva.

2. Mis-manners said...

Far be it from me to engage in fat-shaming, but who told her she looked good in that gold "onesy?" That was hideous!

Divas do as divas desire! But your point is well-taken... she's got a butt on her than puts her in a class with Kim Kardashian and Michelle Obama!

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