What a way to ring out...

Sunday, January 01, 2017

What a way to ring out...

...the old year, with a six-day orgy of all the "Game of Thrones" episodes to date, in sequence!

It kicked off on HBO2 at Noon of Boxing Day and con­cluded New Year's Eve, something close to 60 hours of all my favorite GOTery... Daenerys Stormborn's rapidly maturing dragons, the Stark offsprings' endangered dire­wolves, the hilarious and tragic Tyrion Lannister, and the plucky and increasingly lethal 14-year old Arya Stark.

Whoever dreamt up the idea of this six season marathon had the right idea... instead of launching the start of April as previous years have, Season 7 won't debut 'til late this Summer, so the past week slaked Jeanne's and my GOT jones.


1. Frank Wheeler said...

Valar Morghulis...

Valar Dohaeris! And all men must wait. September can't come soon enough,

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