Doncha think it's time to police...

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Doncha think it's time to police...

...your campaign signs, Ernie Wruck!

Oak Street Montauk Highway at Fruit King

I mean, it's been over two weeks since the primary polls closed, and your signs are still litter­ing the Villagescape.

C'mon, Ernie... losing at the polls is no fun (I know, I've been there!) but do the right thing, show some leadership!


1. Raymond Overton said...

He still has the Republican line in the November election.

O well then... he probably needa all the signs he can get!
– Dean

2. 1340 said...

Years ago there was an "understanding" that the judiciary was not a political football. We have two Republicans, and two Democrats in the courts right now. Haven't heard any issues about any of them, so why is Ernie trying to upset the apple cart?

This isn't "years ago" and whatever "understanding" there may have been, today there's few, if any, rules.
– Dean

3. Bridget Napoli said...

Sometimes apple carts need shaking up. In any event if Ernie feels he can improve upon the job, why shouldn't he try?

By all means he should, Bridget. When I wrote that, I'd disremembered that he was still in the General Election of the GOP line as Ray Overton reminded me.
– Dean

4. Ernie Wruck said...

This year voters will find that political bosses have picked all other judges and the voters have no say, but Southampton voters will be able to choose the candidate they want for Town Justice. I will be happy to live with their choice but let them vote.

Who's stopping them? Seriously!

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