The vacuity of the AT-H candidacy...

Thursday, September 22, 2016

The vacuity of the AT-H candidacy...

...has been abundantly exposed in her current 30-second campaign spot airing here and there on local television stations and cable channels.

Set against a classroom of elementary school-age children while sporting a furrowed brow and affecting a throbbing voice that would make WCBS-TV's Kristine Johnson blush, Throne-Holst attempts to portray incumbent Republican Congressman Lee Zeldin as tone-deaf to gun violence in the United States.

Her bullet point accusations:

  • Lee Zeldin voted against background checks for violent criminals and the mentally ill. (House Resolution 466, 10/03/2014).

    The cited House Resolution was actually a bill "sup­porting a moratorium on the sale of historic post office buildings," and while Zeldin has missed only one out of 581 votes during his time in Congress, this wasn't one of them... he had yet to be elected let alone take his seat.
  • Lee Zeldin opposed banning high capacity maga­zines. (NYS Senate 2230, 01/14/2013).

    Damn right he did and explained why!

    This was the so-called New York "SAFE Act" pushed through by Andrew Cuomo in the middle of the night following the horrendous Sandy Hook School shooting. It was so poorly written that its provisions, including the section regarding maga­zine capacity, had to be amended almost immedi­ately. To his credit, then State Senator Zeldin did oppose the legislation, something neither Senator Ken LaValle nor Assemblyman Fred Thiele had the courage to do.

    (Fred later asserted that he hadn't actually read the bill before voting on it!)

  • Lee Zeldin even voted to let people on the FBI Terrorist Watch List buy guns. (House Resolution 539, 12/01/2015).

    Utter crap! Zeldin actually introduced legislation to require law enforcement to get court orders to stop suspected terrorists from buying guns!

I was too kind to the woman a week ago when I put the line of attack on her campaign instead of the candidate herself, because at the end of the current TV spot she announces:

"I'm Anna Throne-Holst and I approve this message because as a mother nothing is more important than keeping our kids safe."

What this should tell people is that she's got nothing going for her candidacy if this is the best she and her Democratic strategists can come up with... she's an opportunistic fraud and a liar.


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