Another <em>Press</em> Boner

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Another Press Boner

Fresh from an OtBB chastizing for its persist­ent factual errors in reporting, The Southamp­ton Press Western Edition again pulled a doozy this week.

In a Page 1 story on the focus of last week's Village Board Work Session, "Village Weighs Eruv Plans," reporter Jessica DiNapoli filed the following:

"Linda Dick, a resident of the village since 1972 who noted that she is not Jewish, said she does not support the board dividing the village into sections. 'I'm extremely opposed to the village being divided into zones,' she said. 'I've always found the village low key and laid back and the eruv would change the tone of the village.'"

That was definitely not what Mrs. Dick said. And it's incomprehensible how Ms. DiNapoli could make such an egregous error!

(Psssst, Jessica! Ya shoulda checked the OtBB report of that meeting. I'm not the "Journal of Record," The Press is, but at this rate, that could change.)

I came to know Mrs. Dick's late mother Frieda as she and my mom were neighbors in their latter years, and I can only imagine the dear lady recoiling in horror at learning from The Press' Hereafter Edition that her daughter had renounced her Jewish heritage!

This gaffe cannot be put on the desk of Editor Frank Costanza, because he wasn't there, the meeting wasn't videotaped and I didn't see a tape recorder in Ms. DiNapoli's possession. However, she might like to consider that option... her predecessor on the Village beat, Caroline Simson, was also susceptible to not "getting it right." She showed up with a recording device which she very deliberately set up beneath the Trustees' noses last year.

Editor Costanza was quick to respond when The Press and its editorial staff were called out two weeks ago, asserting:

"The errors that slip through from time to time are unfortunate, but they are also part of the business."

Be interesting to see how well he can sell that to Mrs. Dick.


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