More cautious optimism afoot

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

More cautious optimism afoot

It's still 10-11 days away, but the lights at 141 Montauk Highway should again be aglow with the promise of spirits and dining fare.

The Claddagh

While I'll always think of the premises as the "Papa Joe's" of my youth, most recently it was the single-season less-than-successful "Red Fortune."

The name Claddagh suggests an Oirish theme, a dining experience that has been missing from the local village­scape since the unfortunate shuttering of the inadequately resourced Finn McCool's.

We eagerly await the opening of The Claddagh, and are encouraged by another vacated premises being put to good purpose... used and useful is always preferable to the "abandoned and no one can make it here" look.

Can the Southwest corner of Oak Street and Montauk Highway be far behind?


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