Money well spent?

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Money well spent?

In Westhampton Beach alone, the Suffolk County Board of elections spent well over $4000 in just the cost of staffing four Election Districts (#10, #14, #30 and #37) to service a total of four (4, count'em, 4!) registered members of the Conservative or Working Families parties who showed up to cast ballots in yesterday's Southamp­ton Town Justice primary contest between Democrat Andrea Schiavoni and Republican Ernie Wruck.

For the record, Town-wide with all 42 Election Districts re­porting, Schiavoni beat the hapless Wruck, 80 to 54 to gain the Conservative line in November's General Election, and nine to four on the less-than-robust Working Families side of things!

I don't know how many precincts (polling places) there are in the Town, or what the total cost was to hold the primary, but a chunk of taxpayer money could have been saved had those contests been resolved he old-fashioned way... among committee members in a smoke-filled back room.

On the positive side, we got to see some of the inside of our new $15 million fire house on Sunset Avenue, the full revitalization of which thoroughfare now awaits only the completion of the project on the old bowling alley property.

(Progress at that location seems to have not moved forward for several years now... the place still looks like Berlin in 1946.)

The fire station had a wonderful fresh new smell to it, and it looks like the volunteers have everything they could have wanted in that facility... the official "Open House" is scheduled for the Saturday after next, and anyone who wonders how that money was spent, should look in... they probably won't be disappointed.

Justifying the cost of yesterday's primaries, however....


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